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Welcome Dr. Jill Kulig, VMD!!
Dr. Kulig attended Penn State University for undergraduate studies in Environmental Studies. After graduating, she worked in the field for several years before returning to school for a Veterinary Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She has practiced both small animal and special species (exotic) medicine since 1995. Although she does not hold any board certifications, she has special interest in Oncology, Dentistry, Internal Medicine, and Hospice Care. 

Dr. Kulig uniquely combines some alternative forms of therapy to practice an integrative approach to patient care, particularly to assist those with chronic health conditions. Helping pets remain healthy and active are her main goals, and participating in the health care and human-animal bond of her patients is what makes her job so rewarding. 

Dr. Kulig lives in the woods of Green lane, with her family of two-legged and four-legged friends. They all enjoy jogging, hiking, and camping together.  
We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Kulig to our Mill Pond family!

Dr. Kulig and Dr. Thayer have known each other since attending school together, and she already feels like part of the family :)

Daycare and Kennel Tours at Mill Pond Vet Clinic
Daycare and Kennel Tours at Mill Pond Vet Clinic

Bee Wise - Vaccinate!

Why should you vaccinate your pet?

There are several illnesses pets are exposed to that can seriously affect their health. Some of them can also affect your health. Whether your pet is indoor or outdoor, he or she can be exposed. Many diseases are airborne and you can carry them home on yourself, your shoes or your clothing. 

Contact your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for vaccines, and keep your furry friends happy and healthy!

Core Canine Vaccines:
       Rabies
       DHLPP
       Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
       Influenza 
Core Feline Vaccines:
       Rabies
       FVRCP 
       Feline Leukemia 

& ask us - we’re here to help! 

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